About Us

Our Mission

We believe that there is a beauty within each of us that is waiting to be more awakened, expressed and revealed.

At Strandz, we guide you through a process of identifying how you would like your beauty to be expressed and then provide the expertise to make that happen.

Whether you are looking for something new or different for your hair, are eager to see how hair extensions might add to your confidence and presence, or are looking for a relaxing place to have your nails done or a pedicure performed ...

We strive to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Our Values

We know that how we each present to the outside world has an impact on our inside world. And when we can look our best, we feel better about ourselves.

This not only impacts what we do but how we do it - at work, with family and friends, and even how we see ourselves.

We take that to heart.

When people come to us, we know they are looking to bring more of their beauty out into the world.

And we commit to using our expertise to help make that experience comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing.

Because we know that's how to build relationships.

And relationships matter to us.

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